When it comes to safety on the job, there’s no cutting corners. We owe it to our employees, our customers and everyone involved to make certain that every Syracuse Sheet Metal job-site is compliant with federal, state and local regulations, and is as safe and secure as it can possibly be.

In order to make that happen, we start the process far in advance, with comprehensive training for every member of the Syracuse Sheet Metal team. That means carefully ensuring that employees meet all requirements to earn all necessary OSHA certifications. Because of constantly evolving regulations and our frequent addition of new services, the Syracuse Sheet Metal safety training program is an ongoing process that calls for a long-term commitment.

Training is just part of the safety picture. Before any project is started, we explore potential hazards, formulate a customized safety plan and clearly communicate that plan to all team members. By keeping everyone on the same page, we can enhance overall safety, stay on schedule and keep your project running smoothly.


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